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Now, I am a new PhD candidate at YLab, Zhejiang University and my adviser is Prof. Jie Yang. My major is Big Data in Health Science, and my research interests mainly focus on AI in healthcare / public health and natural language processing (NLP). Actually, I am also a newbie in NLP, but fortunately Yang and my teammates are very nice! Currently, I am working hard to learn related algorithms and technologies :)

Previously, I received the M.S. degree in translational medicine at School of Public Health, Xiamen University and received the B.E. degree in computer science and technology from Beijing University of Chemical Technology. And, during my master’s period, I mainly developed machine learning algorithms for cryo-EM image processing and In vitro diagnostic equipment at National Institute of Diagnostics and Vaccine Development in Infectious Diseases (NIDVD).

In the future, I hope I can do some interesting, meaningful and useful work in AI / medicine, making a little contribution to human health !!!

I like badminton and billiards, and I also like the Dota2 although I have not played it for a long time…

If you see here, you are probably interesting and free, and such people usually have more luck :) I also wish you happy and healthy everyday!

Everything goes well, best regards!


Jia-Geng Wu.

Email: wujg1995@163.com



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System Demo

Prediction of tracheostomy for burn patients: https://ylab.top/softwares/tracheostomy

Network Analysis of COVID-19 Symptoms: http://jgwu.top/COVID19-Symptoms-Twitter/network/

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